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K95 sticky spacebar fix

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ive found a fix for anyone having this issue.

get some scotch mounting squares cut about 1/8 to 3/16 inch strips

6 of them slightly longer than width of key.stick one on top

of another leaving the plastic on the top(so the pad doesnt

stick to the spacebar key) 2 strips high.

then with the space bar removed stick them on the outside

of all 3 switches.this will keep the spacebar from sticking down

as the problem is when the key travels to far.this is a simple redesign

corsair could have made themselves granted not with sticky pads

but hey we do what we have to.it works

p.s.i did have to trim them down on the 2nd and 3rd switch as they hindered the key caps above.



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Posted (edited)

over a year now and the fix is still working have had zero space bar sticking.but another flaw has shown

itself.both ctrl keys have loosened and needed to be replace cost 15.00 and only had to type into amazon

corsair key replacements and up popped ctrl key set.so again another known issue.

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