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Hydro X Custom loop giving GPU lower average FPS (load temps = 55-60 degrees)

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Finished building custom loop few days ago but noticed in benchmarks like Port Royal Stress Test, Metro Exodus and Gears 5 all giving lower average FPS.


I don't get this as my now water cooled RTX 3090 (Zotac) is running perfectly fine on the temperature side of things, as it's 55-60 on load which sounds fine. Coolant temp is around 40 degrees on load...


Anyone know what's going on?

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sometimes, motherboards don't like being powered down and having stuff removed and added. Maybe make sure your ram still has XMP/DOCP enabled.. What i also saw was GPU OC profiles going back to default or silent settings, but that varies depending on what software you use, if any.
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How much lower? Substantial drop? Were you running CUE before the install? If not, quit the app before the benchmark and see if things normalize.


Very weird. I restarted PC since then and overclocked RAM from 3200 to 3300... Now able to lock GPU core clock to 1900Mhz. Seems stable now and FPS better than before compared to when I was using stock air cooler on my GPU. No idea why or what was happening before!


To achieve locked 1900Mhz had to undervolt a bit. Stock values Mhz kept going up and down!


Anyway, seems ok now! And temps are 50-55 now with the undervolt. No undervolt is about 57-60 degrees.

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