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Lighting node pro weird behavior


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Hi folks,


Since yesterday all my setup was working just fine... but something happens, one LL120 fans connected to 2nd channel lighting node pro the RGB of the fan went off.. I checked the RGB profile and applied a new one to check; I can see on that this LL120 some animations wont work, or work intermittent.

Also switching between profiles I need to reapply all RGB profiles on the 3 LL120 on that channel.


Since this problem I updated the iCue to 3.36.125v, restarted the iCue service various times, shut down the PC and restarted some others, forced firmware update on LNP.

Also the hardware illumination on the LNP when the computer is restarted or powered down also is acting weird on that channel.


Any idea... is LNP channel 2 faulty without reason?


My setup...

On LNP Channel 1 -> 4 ML140 RGB

On LNP Channel 2 -> 3 LL140 RGB

Commander Pro to control all fans and also 4 RGB strips

4 Sticks of RGB Dominator RAM

3 More ML120 no RGB on my AIO H150i PRO


Commander Pro voltage report are:

12v rail 11.89-11.93v

5v rail 4.64-4.83v

3.3v rail 3.38v


My Power Supply is a CoolerMaster 650W


AMD 3900X

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