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Turning on Virtuoso Headset when audio muted causes computer crash


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So had an interesting thing just happen to me, its night here and I was doing some work, so I mutes my system as not to wake others. when I was done With my work I decided to play some game. Turned on my Virtuoso Headset an blam! the entire system froze. Completely unresponsive to anything. even the RGB on my corsair fans went to hardware mode. Had to force power off the machine. After the fact I looked through the the event viewer and found some interesting stuff; (Events separated by returns)


A problem has occurred with one or more user-mode drivers and the hosting process has been terminated. This may temporarily interrupt your ability to access the devices.



The device HID-compliant headset (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 5 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem.



Faulting application name: iCUE.exe, version:

Faulting module name: Qt5Core.dll, version:

Exception code: 0xc0000005

Fault offset: 0x001a06c8

Faulting process id: 0x36f8

Faulting application start time: 0x01d6e4641f60188b

Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\iCUE.exe

Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\Qt5Core.dll

Report Id: 9655626d-9518-479a-9e86-689535d59009

Faulting package full name:

Faulting package-relative application ID:



The program dwm.exe version 10.0.19041.508 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel.

Process ID: 63c

Start Time: 01d6e464131f0069

Termination Time: 345

Application Path: C:\Windows\System32\dwm.exe

Report Id: 4ca69224-5cb7-45bc-a4d7-c9ac4e3f31c1

Faulting package full name:

Faulting package-relative application ID:

Hang type: Unknown



The Desktop Window Manager process has exited. (Process exit code: 0xcfffffff, Restart count: 1, Primary display device ID: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060)


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