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DPI buttons can't bind correctly


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Hey guys,


I have a Corsair Dark Core Pro and 've been trying to bind a MACRO to both binds keys and the left click button.


My DPI settings are basically this:



I use 3 different profiles for 3 games.

But, for some reason, when I click the DPI button to activate the macro, BOTH functions occur: the MACRO and the DPI change.


Actually, I don't even know to what DPI it changes, since there is no different values of DPI ON in my settings.


And by the way, the DPI won't return for the original settings.

I need to change the profiles in order to it return to the correct amount.


Thanks for you help!

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Go to Windows Apps and click on 'Modify' for Corsair CUE. Follow the prompts for a repair install. This will not erase your settings or profiles.


This issue pops up now and again. I have never been able to re-create it on my system (including just now), but others do report the same situation. The two wireless mice (Iron Claw and Dark Core) are the most commonly mentioned. There is a checkbox under Actions -> Advanced Settings to "retain original key output", but I will assume that is not checked.

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Since it's a common problem for many people, they should give it some attention and have a proper universal fix, isn't it? :D


Except that is proves to be rather difficult to replicate and I did not say it was common, just reported across many versions. The two wireless mice are the ones most reported by far. I wonder sometimes if it is hardware related. You might try saving a simple remap (like a letter) to DPI up or down, save it to a HW slot on the mouse, quit CUE and see if the problem still occurs outside the software environment.

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