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RGB LED Lighting Pro Exp. Kit, does not work, Commander Pro


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Hi there,


today I booted my fresh PC project for the first time.


I use 5 Corsair QL120 fans and 1 RGB LED Lighting Pro Exp. Kit

in my setup.


All 5 fans are connected to the Corsair Commander Pro for Power/Speed control and for RGB, direct to the Corsair Node Pro.

The Node Pro is connected to LED Channel 1 on the Commander Pro.


The Corsair RGB LED Lighting Pro Exp. Kit (4 strips), is on LED Channel 2 on

the Commander Pro.


All fans are working without any problems. I can control them via Icue on Channel 1.


Setup like on this forum picture:



My problem is, the RGB strips don´t work at all. No light, no power (?)

I tried to configure Channel 2 (Commander Pro) via Icue as RGB LED Strip

(1 or 4 connected doesn´t help) and also as External RGB Light Stripes, without any luck.


So RGB Lighting Pro Exp. Kit, connected to my Commander Pro LED Channel 2 does not work. Please could someone give me a hand, I don´t know how I should fix this.


Thank you...





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I´m sure they will work on Channel 1.


I fixed the problem :p:

Found that I used the wrong extension cable, one

that comes with the Commander Pro I think. With only

two wires, instead of three wires. Must be the reason for

no power.


Now, with the extension cable coming with the RGB LED Lighting Pro Exp.

Kit, everything works fine:biggrin:


Cheers !!

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