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K100 Keyboard RGB issue

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I am having an issue with the RGB lighting with the keyboard. I have set the profile on the iCue software to have a rainbow lighting on the whole keyboard, however, after a while it changes itself and only lights certain back zones. I have attached a picture of both the lighting effects settings and the hardware lighting settings. It does not let me select the keys or other leftover zones, it just lights up those shown in the image named iCue problem hardware lighting.png .


I have tried resetting the keyboard and redownloading the iCue software multiple times (also running the lastest updates on them) and it still occurs. This also does not change the RGB settings on the RAM and the LL120 fans I have already.


Please help I have no 3rd party apps that overriding the lighting control of the iCue software.


Thank you for the help in advance! :)



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Your application of the hardware lighting effect is incomplete. I am assuming this is unintentional. The most logical sequence is the CUE program is crashing and dropping you into Hardware mode, thus revealing the partially assigned lighting scheme.


1) Fix the HW lighting pattern. Either hold Left CTRL + Left click drag over the missing keys or in this case, delete the lighting effect and then hit + to create a new spiral rainbow. It automatically will apply to the entire board.


2) Second problem is if CUE is crashing. Go to CUE settings. Check the debug logging option. Wait for a few crashes and export the logs. Start a support ticket with Corsair. This is also a reason to keep a different lighting effect for HW mode vs Software mode so you immediately know if the app crashes. Potential flaw is that sometimes the lighting freezes instead of dropping into HW mode.

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply.


I have tried your 1st step, but when I try to click highlight all the other keys and zones it just does nothing, and on other attempts, it just goes back to the same picture as the HW lighting. For now, I've started logging the issue as you showed in the 2nd step. I have already opened a ticket with support and will be waiting on a reply. I will post it here, if anyone else has any tips that can sort this issue out would be great!



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Just an update if it helps solve the issue. I've realised the issue with the RGB mainly occurs when I leave the keyboard without pressing keys for 20minutes of inactivity, i.e my monitor goes on standby and it messes up the keyboard lighting settings.


Could something be triggering this and can I fix it?

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I have tried your 1st step, but when I try to click highlight all the other keys and zones it just does nothing,


Unfortunately, that is what is supposed to do now. I had the old system in my mind. Custom effects can still be selectively applied, but the presets are limited to 1 effect for the HW profile and thus is locks out editing.


That also makes this a bit more worrisome. I would say it's a UI glitch, but it seems to actually pass onto the keyboard in a manner it should not be able to do. Other things you can do now are:


1) Repair install of iCUE. Windows Apps -> Programs -> Corsair iCUE and select Modify. Follow the prompts for a repair install. This will not remove profiles or settings.


2) Force update the firmware on the keyboard. Check for update (none available), Force update.


The CUE reinstall is risk free and harmless. I don't see a direct connection to the KB firmware behavior, aside from the lighting. You could wait on that for support. The next time this happens, check the task bar drop down menu > to see if the CUE icon is still there (meaning it is running). If the app is not crashing and the KB is dropping lighting, that suggests a hardware problem and a completely different path to fix this.

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Thanks for all the help so far. I've tried the new things you suggested, and after running a repair and redownload it does the same. The iCue software is still open on the taskbar and task manager so I guess it is not crashing. I'll keep trying those 2 steps and see if it works after a few attempts, otherwise, I will wait on corsair support to reply to my ticket. I'll keep this post updated once I got a reply from them so if anyone else ever has a similar issue they'll be able to sort it quickly :)

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I think you are looking at a hardware issue with the keyboard. We see lighting freeze or do odd things when the software crashes, but that does not seem to be in play here.


In your support ticket, be sure to stress that CUE is not crashing and that you are running the Vengeance RAM and Commander Pro that are not affected. These would also freeze up if this was software crash issue. This points at the keyboard directly along with that partial lighting scheme that is not possible to apply.

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