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iCue install / uninstall problem


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I have just build a new pc with 9 QL120 fans, commander pro, 2x LNC & vengeance RAM.


Was doing the build & software install slowly. So, had the basics going, with no icue software.


All RGB was rainbow and fans were spinning quietly at around 900RPM.


I installed the icue s/w, and tried to just play with it / setup. However, somewhere along the line, the fans all changed to a white light and spinning at approx 1500 RPM, even though PC not under load or doing anything different.


I tried to fix, but couldn't get into it eg couldn't find how to create fan profiles, just had the three defaults. I suspect that icue has it linked to CPU temp (amd 3600 @ ~42 C)


Anyway, just due to time, I thought I would uninstall the icue sw and it would revert back to the "default" (900 RPM / rainbow). But after doing a complete / clean uninstall (followed FAQ), it is still running white / 1500 RPM.


So, my question, how do I "clear" whatever setting icue has somehow embedded for the fan control?


I will take some time to go through the tutorials etc and hopefully do a better job installing in the future.



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The Corsair Labs YouTube channel has a lot of informative videos that helps with how to setup the iCUE software that can help you. There are also plenty of guides and posts previously posted here that you should search and read through in order to help with your issue of not setting up the iCUE software properly.
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