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How many Commander Pro's does the Software support?

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I'm trying to build a liquid cooled Pc, and i guess I'm being picky. I want to use all the same product for fans and rgb lighting. Problem is i hate missing areas. My case that I'm ordering supports 13 fans, and i would like to use rgb fans in at least 12, then i have the CPU water block, and gpu and accent lighting as well. My question is, can i run 2 commander pros and plug them into different usb ports on the motherboard?
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Hey Buddy..


yes you can do that. I my self have ran up to 4 Commander Pros in the same system (32 fans). although i have recently simplified and started using PWM repeater hubs to group fans..


this may give you a few idea's








and worthy reads are


RGB faq




my 1000d log/faq



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