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Commander Core Firmware Update - still planned for January

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Hi Guys,


first post here - be nice! I've got my build ready to go, using the Elite Capellix H150i. Whilst doing my research I came across this reddit thread:


and have got a snippet of a mention from the cooling product manager saying planning a firmware update for the commander core to enable per port LED control and mixing / matching fans. Do we know or does anyone know whether this is still in the works?


As well as the H150i I have got 3 x QL120 fans, and my plan is to hook them all up to the Commander Core - which will work, but it will treat as all fans having the highest amount of LEDs (so my ML120 that only have 8 will have "34"). I guess this will look fine on stationary colours and things like that but dynamic patterns may look a bit funky.


I wanted to use the QL120 fans on the radiator (as i'm setting them up front mounted in a pull configuration) for better RGB and then the ML120 as exhaust attached to the case... That should work right?


If push comes to shove, and It looks weird - am I correct in thinking I can just use the enclosed Lighting Node Core from the QL120fans to control the RGB for 1 set of fans, but leave all 6 fans still plugged into the core for PWM control?


Hopefully that makes sense... Attached a screenshot of the reddit comment!


Happy new Year!


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  • Corsair Employee

Thread necro here. FYR this update will be coming later this month with the next iCUE update. 

Only took 9 more months than we had anticipated... Sorry. The release of iCUE 4 basically shoved this to the back of the queue and we weren't able to get to it until late summer. Excited to finally have this out in the wild though. 

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13 hours ago, El Manu said:

is this also for commander pro or only commander core? Senseful in every device, I think.


You won't be able to do the auto-detect on the Commander Pro - even if you can have multiple fan types (dunno).

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