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Lian rgb strip and ql vs ll series fans


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Lian Li LAN2-2X Side diffused LEDs Strip .. Can I connect this to the LED part of a commander strip?


Also why does the QL series only have the hub with 6 ports

but the LL series comes with the 6 fans hub + 2 led hub ... why is that?


I want the QL series and probably plan to use 5 of the ports and have 6th fan port open on the hub, could I use that for my rgb strip? I was told you have to use all the same fans on the hub, so would I be able to put that on the 6th? I heard I might need a special connector from ebay to plug it in.


this is my motherboard.




I was in a rush and new at this and randomly bought a nzxt kraken 360 aio. I guess there's no way to make that connect to my icue software? even with that one special hub.


I just dont want to have to push buttons on my motherboard to only change 1 fan. I guess I'll need 2 softwares, nzxt and corsair.


also, does my motherboard able to control all the fan speeds, or do I need that one special hub that has 4 slots for temp control?

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