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680x with h115i elite capellex cooler


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had my CoPro tucked away in one of the 3.5" drive bays. Don't know if the CoCo fits in there tho


Ya I thought about that but I would rather have easy access to the fan plugs in case I've got to swap things out. I also thought about attaching a fridge magnet to the double sided tape and mounting it on the inside of the outside front case cover but I'm wary of doing it as I don't know if the magnet will cause any problems for my hardware.

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I have both a Commander Core and a Commander Pro in my 680x. I have them both in the rear compartment on a velcro track on the front panel. This means they are easy to access and I can just peel them away from the velcro to get to the fan / rgb connectors.
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My Commander Pro is double sided taped to the top right metal frame when you remove the right hand front plastic cover.


If you position it correctly, the cover goes back on the the wires can be fed through the holes in the chassis plate. I have had no problems with overheating of the CoPro - it does get warm to the touch but it does this wherever you place it.


I have a RGB fan hub similarly taped exactly the other side of the CoPro too, to make cable management easier.

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