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iCue Lighting Issue with K100


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My K100's lighting effects randomly turn off and stay off. Reapplying the update and unplugging/plugging the keyboard back in will remedy the issue but only for a minute.


The hard reset function does not work (lights do not blink, indicative that the reset function does not work). Resetting or applying different iCue profiles do not work.


All lighting effects for all other components work properly. The iCue preview shows that the lighting effects are applied and should be working.


I have an open with with support -- however, I am sure my time is ticking to RMA.


Anyone else experience and/or have solved this issue?


(I had the K95 prior to getting the K100, and had the same lighting effect profile applied to the K100. K95 never had any issues. Out of just curiosity and hope, I removed all lighting effects and then just put a vanilla instant lighting on. Still experience the issue.)

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