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So i cant connect Corsair LEDs to Commander Node?


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Hi Guys,


building a mini-ITX build right now and have one single USB internal header, of which my Commander Core that came with the H115i is connected.


I purchased the H115i Cappelix thinking i could wire my fans, pump, and RGB LEDs to the Commander Core.


Unless im missing something, even though the Commander Core has headers titled 'RGB HUB' - it does not seen to fit the connections of the Corsair RGB strips nor even the Lighting Node hub.


This seems kind of stupid. I really dont understand why the bespoke corsair RGB lighting hub does not even connect to the Commander Cores 'RGB HUB' ports.


Is this designed so i really have to buy another $70 Commander Pro just to connect these expensive LEDs to iCUE, when i already have a Commander Core AND a Lightning Node ?


If this is the case im guessing it may just be easier to ebay these corsair LEDs and buy some generic ones that connect to my motherboards non-proprietary RGB headers.


At this point my ITX build is just going to be dozens and dozens of Corsair hubs with tons of wiring, when a single hub and a single USB/SATA could do the job.

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