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Declined request for RMA


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In 2014 I bought an HX1000i PSU. Two years later, I've RMAed that one and received my current HX1200i one in exchange.


Now, this HX1200i PSU is acting faulty:

  1. coil whine of a periodic trend, even with the main switch off
  2. sometimes, PC won't turn on at first attempt or would randomly reboot at startup with 5 short beeping sounds
  3. sudden reboot while on a moderately heavy load (gaming), then PC tries to reboot but is stuck while booting and had to switch it off completely and wait a little before the PC would start again

I've replaced said PSU with another one and been using that same PC without any issues.


So, I contected Corsair to request an RMA, but they declined any support stating that "the leftover warranty from your original PSU to this replacement [...] has also expired"


Why are they saying that? It was a HXi series PSU, and I read here that there is a 10 years warranty.

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