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Scimitar PRO RGB VS. Scimitar RGB ELITE

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so i've had this corsair scimitar PRO RGB mouse for about 14 months when it suddenly had the scroll wheel stop working. apparently the mouse had a major design flaw and its a common issue. this really sucked as i consider this mouse perfect for my hand and for my needs - it is truly the ultimate mouse for me.

that being said, i don't know if i can invest money in something that i heard can break as little as a couple of months after you get it.


in addition i also heard about the Scimitar RGB ELITE being an improved version of the pro - leading me to wonder:

are the build problems with the PRO get solved in the ELITE version? or am i destined to the same bumpy ride that i went through with my PRO version?


any help would be amazing - thank in advance!

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