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HELP! Corsair 680x + H150i + 3080 Xtreme

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I have a big problem and I don't know how to fix it, I really need help. I have a corsair 680x and a h150i liquid cooler on the front panel of the case. The problem is that I cannot fit the graphics card that I recently bought in the Rtx 3080 Aorus Xtreme, I literally have no space because it is too long and collides with the front radiator. Any idea or solution? thanks to all
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look how much i have crammed into the case, its known that the gpu max length is 33cm without a front rad, so its pretty obbvious, get rid of your 360mm and get a 240 or 280 , every gpu will fit in the case expect a few models which are over 330mm. a strix 3090 fits just fine even .


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Got a H115i Elite Capellix in my new build. Deliberately went with a top fitted 280mm rad because I knew fitting a 360mm one at the front would bring the GPU clearance to under 300mm otherwise.


Always best to do your research before buying parts :)

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