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ML120 fan rattling and slower

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Hi, I'm kind of new when it comes to AIO coolers, last year I bought a Corsair H100i PRO RGB 240mm which I believe comes with ML120 fans, it's been going great until a few days ago when one fan started making a ton of noise above 400RPM, when it does it's also much slower than the other fan, I'm talking like 500/900 when it rattles like mad but generally it's still around 25RPM slower even when the rattling doesn't occur (putting both on Fixed % they actually run at the same RPM so it might not matter) . Putting the fan on Zero RPM and then back on after a few minutes sometimes fixes, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes the sound only starts after it's been pushed into higher RPMs.


Below is the RPM diffrence when both are set to Fixed % while the rattling occurs:



Is there any fix for this? Or should I replace it? What are some alternatives considering the AIO is cooling a i9-9900K (so it runs pretty hot)?

I've heard people recommend NF-F12, NF-A12, Artic P12 I'm not sure if replacing just one fan makes sense, and how a non Corsair fan would interact with iCue.


Thank you.

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