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My Corsair Void wireless wont turn on

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Hello so I was just using my headset like usual watching a youtube video when all of a sudden it shut off, it has been randomly shutting off for a while now though so I thought it was that so I tried just turning it off and back on again only to realize that I didn't hear the beeps that usually go off when turning it on or off so I took it off and looked at the charging light (while it was on the charger) and don't see one I looked it up then to see if there were others with problems similar to mine or if this was a first and there was a post in 2015 that seemed like a similar problem but I couldn't find anything to help from that.

Does anyone have an idea as to what might be happening or how I could fix it? Ty.

I've had the headset since ~february 3 (whenever it was I had my friends over for my birthday) 2020 so it is still under warranty for the next month at least if it is unfixable


WAIT nevermind it works now idk why it didnt a few minutes ago I also don't know how to resolve the thread so i guess its here forever now

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It started working again
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