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100i pro rgb 240mm rad

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ive noticed a decrease in PUMP speed used to go from 2130 to 2100 on balanced now 2070 to 2040 on balanced i have it hooked to the cpu fan header WITHOUT cpu fan control disabled someone please help or explain this for me H100i pro rgb IS MY PUMP DYING??? Edited by yordi07
for explaination
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This is normal behavior. On the Pro models, the rpm will fluctuate in exact increments of 30 rpm. This is not an accidental or abnormal variation. So if the number of revolutions is accounted for in 2 second increments, then the raw number rounded prior to multiplying by 30, then each change however small will result in a 30 rpm shift.


Fans and pumps are always estimated over a short interval and then that value is multiplied out to make a revolutions' per minute value. They will not stay exactly the same. This one is more obvious in its perfect 30 rpm jumps.

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