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H150i Elite Capellix RGB Issue

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Ok, Strange issue, I have the H150i Elite Capellix with a CORSAIR - Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA RGB Mid-Tower. Lights 1 & 2 are lights from the SPEC-OMEGA and Light 3-5 are the H150i lights,. I have all RGB Hub and Fan wires plugged into the H150i Commander Core. All 5 fans show up in iCUE. However I can only change the color for the SPEC-OMEGA lights. Fans 3 and 4 are just white. Also fan 5 runs however there is no light. I have updated all firmware's and software.
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They can be connected together on the Commander Core, but they will take the highest LED count from the connected fan types and use that as the base. This can create some weird visuals for sequential effects when mixing highly different LED counts, like a 4 LED ML and a 34 LED QL.


Presumably you have the two HD120s (12) mixed in with the ML-Elite (8). It should work. If some fans are not showing their proper colors, remove the others and test them one at time. This can be difficult with the Commander Core and you will need to re-run the auto-detect from the settings or power cycle in order to force a RGB check.

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