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RGB Hud Issues

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I installed the Node Pro and installed the 6x fan RGB into channel 1 of the Node Pro. I currently have an issue where I can not control the lighting effects in ICUE. I set it to Rainbow, but am getting no response from the fans OR LED strips.


The fans are staying their constant color. 1 Fan seems to have half the LED's lit, and the other seems to have 1/4 the LED's lit. The fans are powered to the MB which shows them running perfectly. Its just the lighting effects. I have unplug the LED's to just focus on the fans. I have swapped both fans in the ports...also the HUB in the Node Pro port too. I also changed the Node Pro to a different USB Port on the MB to have the same effects.


I have a feeling the hub isn't being supplied sufficient power as the SATA power cable is very old and I am having Deja Vu of having power issues off it in the past. I am just checking to see if anyone had some similar issues/solutions in case that's not it. I did order a new SATA power cable that wont be here for a week just in case.


The Fans are Corsair HD140RGB x2 - The pictures show 2 angles of both fans


I had not test the LED strips much, just unplugged them after the first test. I had all 4 daisy chained, and only 2 LED's were lit. 1 on the first strip, and 1 on the 3rd strip. Also, Corsair LED strips, it was a bundle with the Node Pro.





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Its hard to understand what yer saying but


You installed a Node Pro, so plugged it into the motherboard and gave it SATA power. Then u plugged 6 RGB corsair fans into channel 1 of the node using a RGB HUB. Channel 2 must be the led strips.


You have to have all the same fan types on one channel or else you wont be able to control the colors of one type correctly. In my experience for example QL and LL on the same hub.


Maybe u can explain yer setup better or draw a picture.

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I have a similar issue..


I have a Light Node Pro Channel 1 with 4 ML140Pro fans they are working fine.

The channel two since 2 days ago is acting weird... in this channel I have 3 LL120RGB fans attached, fan 1 is ok, fan 2 part of the bottom section of outer lights are stuck in one color, and the fan 3 is complete stuck in the same color as fan 2.


Sometimes this fans change the color when I try some restarts, hardware lighting color change... even sometimes they run some animation with lots of glitches in the RGB.

I found if you have a solid color and lower the brightness to almost 0 this fans make some animations, not smooth and with glitches.


So maybe is a power issue in channel 2?

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