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No Device Detected - after logging back into Windows


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Hi guys,


I had this on my last i5 build and it seems to have followed me onto my Ryzen build... sometimes, not all the time, after some time away from desk - I think Windows locks me out after ten minutes, and I log back in iCUE appears to stop working with my K70 RGB keyboard. Nothing is detected in Settings.


I think I have a mk1 K70, so no USB passthrough on the board itself although still 2x USB cables going into my mobo - a MSI x570 Tomahawk.


I'm on firmware v3.08 and software version 3.36.125.


Any ideas?



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No one? I've gone down to just 1x USB (3.1 port) and I thought I'd cracked it but it's just happened after about 10 minutes of being left idle. I don't have any power saving Windows options set, although the monitor sleeps after 20 minutes.


Uninstall/reinstall iCUE?

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