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Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case disappointment

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I decide to build a new computer and purchased what I taught high-end Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case with 3 RGB Fans, Tempered Glass - White (CC-9011110-WW)

Here are the issues and lack of engineering I found with this price compare to other case.

1. Case comes with 3 RBG fans and controller and controller buttons on top panel. The Fans are 120MM SP120 RGB LED Fans 12V DC 0.3A PN 31-004314, BUT when I purchased CORSAIR iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX CPU Cooler for my AMD CPU this cooler comes with two fans and controller for 6 fans total and USB connection. Unfortunately the chassis FANs and Cooler FANs are not compatible, if I try to plug cooler fans into chassis controller, they do not light up. And if I plug 3 chassis FANs into cooler controller, those 3 do not light up either. So I have to purchase set of new 3 fans SP120 Pro so I could plug all into cooler controller and be able to control all fans from one controller.

2. BUT, now the issue with controllers. The original controller that comes with chassis has a extended cable connected to a buttons on a top chassis panel so user can manually change mode, color and speed. With new fans at cooler and new replaced fans on chassis this controller is useless, so I am using controller that came with CPU cooler, it allows to connect up to 6 fans, BUT this controller only connects to a USB and doesn't have a plug for manual settings buttons. So the top control buttons becomes useless. Conclusion: It would be great if chassis and other accessories such as CPU cooler comes with same fan models, and it would be great if this more advanced LED controller beside USB connection would have additional option to plug those manual buttons so user can control RGB LED either via top panel buttons or software.

3. Also, on this iCUE software to control RGB LED fans, it is VERY bad, hard to understand how to use it, not very intuitive and user friendly. Almost certainly need to read a manual to learn how to change LED patterns, set some lights combination, etc. Again, just bad interface design and logic.

4. This such expensive case doesn't have an option to install GPU vertically!!! There seems to be a space for it, and You would think designers will offer an option for a bracket and cable to extend PCIe and install GPU vertically, but unfortunately Nothing!!!

5. The top case controls, are missing HDD LED, reset button and USB Type C connector. Again with such a new case you would think engineers will think that users will use new types on MB and most new MB have USB Type E to C header and it would be nice to have this one USB C connector top upfront, also reset button and HDD button. I was able to drill out opening for the USB C connector and reset button and I also installed additional Red LED at the Corsair front bottom logo and connect to HDD LED. (see picture), but it would be nice if manufacture would have this in case build in from the beginning. Also covers for two USB connectors are welcome to prevent dust and any debris to go inside the connector when not in use. And last abut this topic is the end connectors for Power ON, Power LED MB header , instead those single pins at the end of cable to use 10-pin connector as this headers are standard now on all MB.

6. Power cable for HDDs. It would be great if you would include a single power cable for HDD's or two cable for 3.5 and 2.5 drives. As location for those drive are "custom" the length of cable requested to connect those drives to PSU are customs. Now I cave to use cables that comes with your Corsair 1200 Watt PSU, but they are way to long and does just look ugly and take up too much space.


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