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corsair h150i pro xt does not change profiles.

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I have a corsair h150i pro xt and the problem I have is that it does not change the profiles from icue, only the pump is with high rpm and the fans are not, I change to extreme profile and they stay the same, so it generates high temperatures when time to demand the processor.


already reinstall the icue, check the cables and only when you feel like changing profile.


It also connects me and disconnects the refrigeration, between times the rgb of the pump was turned off and I had to restart the pc or turn it off to turn it back on, now it has not turned off.


This cooling has caused me great headaches, I have a Corsair H150i pro on another pc and it works wonders.






look what happened to me yesterday






does not respond to increase speed.


please help

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Relegado, Equilibrado, and Extremo have different meanings for the pump and fans. For the pump is it three fixed speeds like a low/medium/high. For the fans, it corresponds to three different temp/fan speed curves that are hidden. You can see then by creating a custom profile (Rendimento "+"). That will create a graph below. There are three shape tools in the upper right corner that correspond to the three presets.


Be careful using HWiNFO, HWMonitor, AIDA or any other full specrtum monitoring program that also polls Corsair internal devices, like the XT cooler. No matter your fan setting, they should be near maximum at 40C+ coolant temp. I suspect the other program has locked up your fan controller. Quit HWiNFO, go to CUE settings and restart the Corsair Service. See if fan control returns.

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The new curve is not applied to the fans, but that is not the problem. On Extreme the fans should be spinning much faster than 300 rpm at 31/32C coolant temperature. Try applying the new curve, then change the setting to PWM% so you can force them to change speed. Do they respond?


I would restart the PC first to make sure there isn’t a lingering software conflict from another monitoring program. Then you probably need to force update the firmware on the cooler. We saw a bunch of Platinum/XT fan controller lock ups a few months back, but not recently. Cue settings -> check for updates -> force update. The cooler will go offline for 5 seconds while the software is reloaded to the device.


Firmware updates are not completely risk free. If you would rather wait for Corsair support, start a ticket with them and then move the fans to the Motherboard.

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I appreciate your time and the help provided.


force the cooling update and it started working again, i already switched to PWM in the bios and updated it, I did a Windows reinstall of 0 without restoring any settings.


Right now I am not using any program to monitor temperatures, I have another corsair h150i pro and I have no problems with any monitoring program and I am using an old version of icue "3.33.246"


what program can I use to monitor? MSI afterburner?


I already contacted corsair support since December 23, 2020 and did not receive a response, so enter the forum.


I don't know if they will answer me or not.

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It is possible to set up HWiNFO, AIDA, etc. and set the program not to the monitor the AIO or any other Corsair internal devices like a Commander Pro or PSU. That usually prevents the monitoring conflict. Signs you are experiencing this besides loss of control are UI glitches, like the Performance tab disappearing or mixed up voltages (12v=3.3v). This is not related to a specific version of CUE, but all of them.


There was a spike in reported Platinum/XT fan controller "lock ups" a few months back. A firmware forced update was the general fix. That was about the same time as CUE 3.33, but I can't say that is the cause.


You always can use MSI Afterburner without any required adjustments. It does not monitor any internal Corsair devices and a high percentage of other users run it every day.

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sorry to reply late.


again, grateful for the help.


I have not found how to configure the programs to avoid not monitoring the aio, now I have no longer used them and opted only to use msi afterburner.


The firmware thing helps a bit, but I see that it is not entirely stable.


now I have the following notification in icue:




I do not know why or what it means exactly, I only understand that something will turn off something when reaching certain temperatures.

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If your coolant temperature hits 70C, that will send a shutdown command to the system. 70C is extraordinarily high and signifies a complete pump failure with no fluid movement. Since coolant temp is the lowest possible CPU temperature, chances are you will trigger the MB's CPU temp safety shutdown as well. Normal maximum coolant temperature is typically 15C over ambient or 6-10C above the internal case ambient temperature. This puts most people around 40-45C max and only when a heavy GPU is present heating up the case. Anytime you see a coolant temp of 50C, you need to ask questions as to why that is happening.


You can turn that notification off. There is nothing wrong with it, but the constant presence in the coolant temp bar on the main page would drive me nuts. It makes me think it has already triggered. An alternative option to this is set your custom fan curve with a 100% (2400 rpm) max speed around 50C. You never need that much fan speed for normal operation. If you get close to 50C, you will hear the roar of the fans. I find this to be a better indicator of trouble and it is noticeable in all situations, even the BIOS.


For HWiNFO, it should prompt you but perhaps not if you have dismissed it previously. You can do this manually by finding the H150i XT section in the columns, then right click on the H150i XT header. There should be an option to disable monitoring. Then all the data points are replaced with "x". Restart the Corsair service in the settings tab and then you should be good to go. Things like the keyboard or other external devices do not matter. The RAM does not matter for me (it's taking temp data), but I can't say that is true for every motherboard or RAM combination.

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