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Corsair Gaming k70 lux not functioning properly (constant typing with out any input)

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Keyboard started working again randomly.


Plugged in just the keyboard usb into the laptop and it worked again. Not quite sure why, but happy it works again.


Plugged in keyboard then bios usb into my desktop and it also works.


Mods can close the thread if they like.

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I wish people would stop using the word "spazzing".


You said you tried iCue on your laptop but showed no issues, I know this may sound a dumb question, but does that mean it didn't do the same thing on your laptop?


If not, then the issue is with your hardware on your main pc

This is why I have a spare keyboard, in case things like this happen. I know its a rarity, but you never know

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We dont need to be offended by every word do we now, but sure.


It was typing uncontrollably (inputting without my input).


no the same issue is occurring on my laptop. I meant there were no error shown on ICUE (this can happen sometimes (red triangle).


as soon as I plug it into my desktop or my laptop it starts to input by itself and constantly at a very fast rate.


Most likely something to do with the firmware. Not sure what else it could be.



Waiting on the support reply with regards to that.

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