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Dark Core RGB Pro SE to slow (scrolling issue)

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Hi Guys,


i got a brandnew Dark Core RGB Pro SE Mouse for Christmas.

Everything is fine, except the scrollwheel. If i scroll very fast, it seems like the mouse can't handle it (for example, when zooming out of the map in Witcher 3). Fast scrolling results in slower, stuttering-like scrolling. You're even faster, if you scroll slower and more carefull.


I noticed this issue, because my old mouse does not have this problem (Logitech G5 Laser).


Is anyone else here who can confirm?


I also found a review on the internet which stated the same:

the scroll wheel isn’t really fast enough for productivity power users.
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That maybe a work around, but not a good one, because the precision decreases.


I think there's a limitation how much the sensor of the scrollwhel can recognize and that causes the issue. If that's true, it's is absolutely not acceptable for a gaming mouse.

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Yeah, I have this problem with even just browsing this forum webpage.

If I slowly scroll the wheel of my Dark Core Pro mouse, the page scrolls up and down normally like other mice.

If I move the scroll wheel quickly up or down, it scrolls by only one line. That is the same as if I carefully scroll the wheel only 1 'click' — the minimum possible unit of scroll.

It is as if it can register only a fixed number of scroll-click units per second, and if you exceed that it malfunctions and registers only a single click of the scroll wheel.

Terrible, debilitating problem for this mouse. My mouse has the latest v5.0.41 firmware and CORSAIR iCue software 4.16.194 for macOS.

HOWEVER, my Linux box also has this same mouse and has the same problem, using the built in Linux mouse drivers.

I'm afraid it might be a fatal problem with this mouse hardware. 😵

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I have been having issues with my scrolling where it bounces up while I am trying to scroll down. Very annoying. Like 3 down and 2 up. I just uninstalled 4. whatever and reinstalled latest version of 3.x. This appears to have improved my scrolling performance greatly. Not sure if it was my issue or a setting in 4.x that I could not find.

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Same issue. Adjusting Scroll Speed did not help. I had this issue with Logitech products as well which led me here to Corsair. I am disappointed to see this issue again. Always the Scroll Wheels. 
I scroll Up and sometimes (often enough to be very aggravating) the page or menus will scroll the other direction, simply won't scroll, or will work as intended and scroll in the intended direction.

When I researched this issue in the past, I found it was commonly caused by Hair in the wheels or corrosion on the contacts. I have no idea if this is the case here or not. I cleaned the wheel many times, so I don't think this is a Hair or other debris interrupting the contacts. The mouse is less than 6 months old, so I find it hard to believe it is wear and tear or corrosion. I cannot seem to find a software or driver fix.

I am simply at a loss.

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Has anyone found a solution for this issue? I recently bought this mouse and experiencing these scroll issues where it is either too slow or too fast when adjusting. Oddly, the wheel also makes a squeak noise every so often...

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