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iCUE 220T RGB Mid-Tower - Power Button not working


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Hello everyone, short summary of what happened, my PC got water damaged due to house fire. Trying to repair the poor guy. So one thing for sure was that the motherboard got fried so I replaced it with a new one, PSU works fine (tested myself, output volts are fine). I kept my old case hoping it still works, lo and behold it did not (kinda, it turned on 2 times but after that couldn't get it working again). The motherboard power indicator lights up including the GPU (So those guys are getting some power). So I still have hope!...Kinda. So I'm wondering what you guys think I should try first before going ahead and buying a new case.


Here is what I did:

Verified that the power sw cable and all the other ones where correctly plugged in to the motherboard.

Checked all other cables connected to the case and motherboard are securely in place.

Cables don't seem to be physically damaged.

USB connection does seem rusted so wondering if the circuit board connecting to the power button on the front panel might rusted too? replacement needed maybe?


Any opinions on what I should try are welcomed. Thanks everyone!:biggrin::feedback:

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