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Thumb Button rebinds stop working

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I quite recently got a Scimitar RGB Elite, and downloaded iCue to get my own Profile going.

But there's a huge Problem. My Thumb button rebinds just consistently stop working on the "Default" Profile, which I use to make the rebinds I use.


In this I rebound the side buttons (1-12) to the Numpad Keys 1-9 and /*-


But quite often, when booting my PC, and activating the default Profile, the Mousebuttons will simply not do what I bound them to do.

But as soon as I switch back to a hardware profile (of which I cant for some reason create a new one to save my setup to the device) it starts working again, but with the default number keys.


In the past it worked when doing a hardware reset (unplugging then replugging with both mousebuttoned pressed, then unplugging and replugging again) or when I reboot my PC. but now even that has stopped working.


The fact that Hardware-Profiles keep working kinda makes it hard to say "It's a problem with the mouse" so it got to be a Problem with the iCue Software.

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Hey everyone. This Thread was posted so long ago, and I see no replies, but the Problem persists.


I don't know what the problem is. Hardware Resets are not working, rebinding the keys wont work. This is only solved by a hard shutdown and restarting my PC.


Can you please tell me what the problem is?

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Just because I thought it's important:

at the moment this problem happens every day.


I boot the PC, the butten binds dont work, I have to hard shutdown, disconnect the mouse, reconnect the mouse, restart the PC


Every day.


And noone in this forum, no person, no bot even responds to this technical problem. Thanks for delivering high quality products people.

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