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QL120 with Corsair RGB Fan hub and lighting node pro

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Greeting, at the moment I've got 6 LL120 fans, these are connected to the Corsair RGB fan hub (which came pre-installed in the Crystal 570x case) which is then connected to the Lighting node pro which also has a Corsair RGB LED Lighting pro Expansion Kit. Everything works great.


Now, I plan on replacing all the LL120 with QL120, so my question is, will I have to pull out the existing Corsair RGB fan hub and the lighting node pro? because the QL fans come with Lighting node core, or will they work fine if I just plug them in into the existing RGB fan hub, if so that will be great because then I don't have to take everything apart and I don't have a spare USB header on the motherboard for both lighting node pro and core.


Also, will there be any difference in the lighting effects compared to the newer lighting node core and lighting node pro?


Help would be appreciated

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There are no differences in fan effects based on the controller/power used. Those are all fan LED layout based. Typically, you can use any controller for any fan type.


This instance is the exception because you also need to power the LED strips in channel 2. The QL use a fair bit of current and Lighting Node Pro has some limits. When you put 6 QL in channel 1, it will disable RGB channel 2 on the LNP. You would need to either drop the strips or use the Lighting Node Core to power the QLs.


The LNC connects back to the system via USB 2. If you don't have any more ports, you would need a splitter or powered USB 2 hub. These are generally inexpensive. You would leave the LNP as is with the strips in their #2 channel. Then connect the RGB wires from the QL to LN Core.

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Interesting, thank you so much for the insight.


I guess I am going to remove the LNP and the built-in RGB hub and install the new Lighting Node Core, it's simpler that way since it's one unit and that is less clutter inside the case.


As for the Corsair LED strips, I will try plugging them into the Corsair header on the motherboard, the MSI MEG X570 ACE has one, I am also guessing that iCUE won't be able to control them, I do prefer iCUE over MSI mystic light. If not satisfied will go with the USB splitter route.


Thanks, I will post a picture when it's done.

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