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SP Pro Fans Partially Lighting Up


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Hello. I have two SP Pro fans plugged into the first two slots of an RGB Fan LED Hub, which is then connected to slot 1 of a Lightning Node Pro. I have also have four lighting strips daisy chained into slot 2. The lighting strips works flawlessly and I have no problem using them with iCue. However, the two fans are not lit, other than a single light on the fan connected in slot 1 of the hub. I can control this individual light in iCue (change RGB lighting patterns/color), however the 15 other lights between both fans do not light.


  • I tried switching the slots the lighting strips and the RGB hub were plugged into on the Lighting Node Pro, but this had no effect.
  • I have tried switching the fans in the hub, which results in a single light operating on the other fan. So I think since the fans have the same thing happen to them when plugged into the hub, it is not the fans.
  • I also tried disconnecting the RGB hub from the Lighting Node Pro. This resulted in still just the one light being lit on the fan in slot 1, only now I could not control it from iCUE.


Does this imply the RGB Fan LED Hub is faulty? I don't believe the Lighting Node Pro is faulty because the lighting strips worked and the problem persisted when I unplugged it from the RGB hub. The fans also have the same individual light operate when plugged into slot 1 of the hub, so I don't believe the problem is with either of them. The Lighting Node is recognized in iCue and I did a force update, but this changed nothing.


The RGB hub is only lighting up a single light on the fan in slot 1 but isn't lighting up any ones that come after, so maybe a circuit is broken in the hub. But wouldn't this result in the first fan being entirely lit, and the second fan being not lit at all? I am confused how the fan in slot one could only be partially lit.


I'm leaning towards returning the RGB Hub, but if anyone has experience with partially lit fans, please let me know.


Thank you!:o::D:

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