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RGB Profiles not saving to K70

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I have a K70 mk2 SE keyboard that uses the default new lighting profiles whenever iCUe is closed.


I have created 3 new profiles and saved each one to the "onboard profiles" of this keyboard. When iCUe is open, I see 3 profiles total, one assigned to each onboard profile.


As soon as I close iCue, the keyboard goes back to the 3 that it shipped with. It is acting as if the ones I created and saved to the keyboard do not exist. Is this a bug or how it is intended to work?


* Edit - Crap, ignore this. I was creating "Lighting Effects" and not "Hardware Lighting".


Which now brings me to my second Q - I see "Water Color" Available under Lighting effects but not Hardware Lighting. Is it possible to add the Water Color effect to hardware lighting? I plan to never open iCue again once configured if possible.



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Hi Askeptic,


As before / on your other post, we sincerely apologize for the excessive holiday delay in forum replies.


Unfortunately the water color effect is not available as a hardware lighting option on the k.70 Mk.2 line -- the effect was added / created after the keyboards were manufactured, so they had to retroactively add the capability for it, and I believe that was one of the technological limitations of doing so -- not being able to add it as a hardware profile.


We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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4 hours ago, yajnesh said:

Same issue is present in my K95 RGB Platinum XT. I am not sure why I am paying such a premium price for your incomplete and inconsistent implementations!

The K95 RGB Platinum XT was also released before the watercolor effect was created. We apologize for any inconvenience you feel this has caused, and I will be sure to forward your concerns to the feedback team for review and consideration. 

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