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What do I need to add 7 extran fans Synced to Capellix 150i?


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So I am moving from Thermaltake to the Capellix 150i and want to know what I need in order to connect 7 extra fans (1x140mm and 6x120mm) to the Capellix to have them RGB synced?

I assume I will still be able to control the 3 front fans and 1 rear ones individually in speed from the 6 on the Radiator like I do with TT?

Also, which fans will be a better match to the ones on the Capellix?


Sorry, have been using TT for a long time so pretty lost when it comes to Corsair fan models.



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Are you going to use Corsair fans?

If so, Capellix AIOs come with a Commander Core, which has 6 RPM and 6 RGB ports.

Altough it's not so clear at the moment, AFAIK adding another fan should not be a problem in terms of power (the risk is to overload and burn a port), what you need are 2 Y splitters, remembering the fans connected to the splitters will act the same both for RPM and RGB.

Grabbing a RPM splitter is a simple job, some more difficulties for the RGB one, the only reseller I know it's not cheap.

The fans that come with the AIO are ML RGB, they are good for radiators but not so good for RGB effects. If you prefer visual on performance, I'd rather grab 7 QL fans. Remember not to mix fans with different number of leds (like ML and QL), you would be ok with static colors, but more complex effetcs (the funnier) would act weird.



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