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Scimitar Pro side buttons stop working

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My mouse side buttons have stopped working 5 or 6 times now since the last update. I have tried to reset the mouse, this does not work as described, i.e. the lights do not flash when I re attach mouse to PC, so I cannot tell if the reset has worked or not, I assume not.

I can get the mouse working again by doing a complete uninstall and reinstall, but I do not want to have to keep doing this, obviously. When it fails it does not work on either of the games I have it set for in iCUE. The wheel click also does not work but the left and right clicks still work fine.

When I have reinstalled iCUE I then have to delete the 3 on board profiles which are created because if I leave them there iCUE switches over to them when I try to use the imported game settings as if they are set as a default, so that I cannot use the mouse until they are deleted.

I have tried to set up the mouse without importing my CUE files as well, to see if the imports were the problem, apparently they are not.

Any help would be appreciated as this is getting to be unuseable.

Another problem has now occured: I reinstalled yet again, set up 2 profiles for my 2 games. When I try to play the first game, iCUE switches to the second profile as soon as I click on the game, in the same way as it was doing with the onboard default profiles, meaning that I can only have one profile in iCUE.

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Hi Matt MacD,


First, we sincerely apologize for any delay you experienced due to extraordinary holiday support/service request volume.


There are a couple steps I think would be worth pursuing with this situation.


First, check out this article and specifically do the steps starting with "Repair iCUE"




If this doesn't help, go ahead and open up a ticket with support and mention you need to do a firmware flash -- they will provide the correct firmware for your device and instructions on how to do so.

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