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First time build -- cooling question.


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I am a first time builder here.


I just ordered a Corsair iCUE 220T case which comes with 3 SP120 RGB PRO fans.


I also ordered Corsair H100i Platinum RGB AIO which comes with 2 ML120 PRO RGB Fans.


On top of that I also ordered another SP120 RGB PRO fan to fill the 6th fan.


This was probably a rookie move but I ordered all this before noticing the AIO has different fans than the other 4.


Will this be an issue?


If so, what do I need to get all 6 fans running?


Thanks in advance!

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The Platinum coolers have their own fan controller and their own lighting controller. The two fans connect both their RGB and PWM wires to the pump. All set there.


The case comes with a Lighting Node Core to provide RGB power for up to 6 fans. The 4 SP-Pro go there. For the time being, it is better you run the RGB separately until you get a good understanding of how the system works. It is possible to stick those ML/LL fans in the middle of the SP-Pro chain on the RGB hub, but the lighting is going to be messy. You can do quick single colors or patterns where the entire fan changes at once. Any type of fan to fan or dynamic pattern will be off because of the differing number of LEDs on the two fan types.


SP-Pro are 3 pin DC fans. Those need to go to the motherboard or other fan controller for speed management.

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