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Right side of iCUE Nexus screen is white

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I ordered my Nexus on amazon July 14th. Everything was working perfectly unilt early this month I turned my PC on and the right half of the screen was completely white and unresponsive. I contacted corsair for an RMA since the iCUE Nexus is said to have a 2 year warranty and in under 5mo it's failed. the RMA info was sent on Dec 9th and I have not heard anything back from them. What should I do?
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Usually there would be a status update to your ticket. If you haven't checked your ticket, there might be information about where it is in the processing. Feel free to PM me your ticket number, and I'll reach out to the support team to have them provide an update if there isn't one.
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Does Corsair even care about this device? Mine has same issue (but left side is white). I can sometimes get it back after unplug/reboot/starting-stopping iCue. Unplug, wait 10 minutes, and replug seems to work the best.


FWIW - I like the concept of this device and would spend even more if there was a good developer site for it and it worked consistently (quite a bit more if it was about twice as wide and was a complete touch screen so you weren't limited to pre-specified zones).

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