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Disable demo mode powered by hub

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Hi all.


So I have recently switched from pc to macbook. I am a programmer, not a gamer and love this keyboard, it works a treat. For what I do it is easier to run on a mac than a pc which was networked to a linux box.


I don't like the rgb colours that comes standard with this keyboard so after I finally got icue installed I have them all pretty much turned off.


They keyboard is plugged into a dock, which is then in turn plugged into the mac. This means that when the mac is running I have my muted colours on the keyboard, which is great. But when the mac is off and unplugged demo mode (or so I believe is demo mode) comes on.


This lights up my home office at night time and is really uncessary.

I did see a post on this fourm a while ago about being able to change the demo mode settings. I booted up my pc and opened up icue to see how to do this, but I don't see any area where I can do this.


I have changed the 'hardware lighting' but that seems to only work when the mac is on. Is there a way I can either force demo mode not to turn on (without powering off the dock), or at least dull the keys so they are not shining all night?


thanks all

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Hardware lighting is in effect anytime you are outside the CUE environment. That will include the boot and shutdown phases as well as your Mac OS unless you are running the Mac version of iCUE.


It seems like you must have a KB with onboard memory, but without the model there isn't much more we can say. Most recent KBs have at least 3 onboard save slots so you can store multiple lighting/action sets and cycle from the profile key above F3.

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