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iCUE causing System process to run at 8-10% CPU load


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Hi guys,


Just wasted half my day chasing this down to iCUE.


The "Corsair Service" service (installed with iCUE) is causing the "System" process to run at 8-10%.


As soon as I disable this service, the "System" process returns to an average 0-0.1%


Anyone know why this is? It's absolutely obliterating my laptop battery and causing the fans to run all the time.


Thanks :)

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need help with that sh** too.

but it take up to 30% on i7 1165G7 on Notebook cpu, causes the cpu to clock over 4GHz constantly!


Please Corsair fix it!

I cant install the software at the moment because of this.

Same problem on notebook with i5 1035G1.



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