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Bad memory module


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I seem to have a bad Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB400 memory module.


I started noticing that applications and the PC were crashing often. Applications such as Nero and Norton Ghost didn't work and my new DVD writer was not reliable.


I ran CheckIt Diagnostics and the memory tests failed.


I removed one of the two Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB400 memory modules in my PC and reran the CheckIt Diagnostics and the memory test passed. Also, my DVD writer, Nero, and Norton Ghost started working.


I then ran memtest86+ with the one good memory module in the PC and the memory passed.


I then removed the good memory module and put the bad memory module in the same slot and memtest failed.


I replaced the bad memory module with the good memory module and the good memory passed again.


So, I would like to RMA the bad memory module. Please let me know if you need additional information to do this.



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