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Single 8 pin with 8 pin jumper (AX1000)?

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Hello and thanks for your patience as I'm sure this must have been asked before.


I got this sweet new AX1000 PSU, purely because I wanted a titanium rated supply. Previously I've had EVGA 1000 G2 and BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 850.


Both of those came with 8 pin to 6+2, single cable, no jumpers.


So I'm very surprised to find this PSU to have fully jumpered vga cables, when if the jumper isn't used, it's just a big chunky ugly eye sore.


I have a RTX 3080, currently the Asus TUF OC with 2x 8 pin connection and ~360 watt power use.


Is this new PSU going to provide the juice the card needs for actual dual 8 pin connection, off of ONE 8 pin port on the PSU?


It would be great for cable management because I only use the CPU and mobo cables aside from pcie for the GPU.


I can only assume that the engineers at Corsair packaged ALL of the Pcie cables with the unit in this configuration, that it should work fine, or better than fine, so we aren't left with 3" long 8 pin cables just looking completely retarded off in free air.


I'm upgrading to the MSI Suprim X shortly so that will require another 8 pin connection. So if I literally have to run 3 separate 8 pin cables from the PSU, to have 3 separate big stupid dangly jumpers in free space to ensure the GPU can hit the 450+ watt overclocked target... then i'm returning the PSU.


Someone comfort me here.

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I have the Suprim X 3080 and yes, as far as I'm aware you should use 3 separate cables (although i have seen an official MSI video using 2 cables on the Hero X)


You can buy single cables from corsair, they aren't cheap though :




Or you could buy extension cables from cablemod?


Im sure someone with way more knowledge can explain about the output and cable draw capacity

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I am also interested in this question, When I built my new PC I used 1 x PCIE lead into the PSU which is split into 2. Mainly to try and minimise cables.


Just ran 2 test benchmarks one with 1 x 8 pin from PSU into 2 x 8pin GPU and the other with 2 x 8 pin PCIE connecters into the PSU (one to each GPU 8 pin), and it seems to make absolutely no performance difference at all and draws the same max power (277W).


You would think that this means 1 8 pin PCIE cable split into 2 can supply up to 300w.


Looked for something definitive, but nothing concrete as far as I could find.


Does anyone have the specs of what each output on a PSU can supply?


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