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Rmx 1000 noise issue

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Hello. I have an rmx 1000 and any time I have my Samsung odyssey or another monitor plugged in I seem to get a noise when I’m playing a game. When I unplug the monitor the noise from the rmx 1000 goes away. When I’m in game standing still and look around the noise from the psu changes depending what I’m looking at. It’s been various games that I have played also.
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I am assuming here what's going on is the psu is just making coil noise under load. Windows may well know when the monitor us unplugged which could drop the power consumption. Gaming, the noise will be dependent on frame-rate, which will change according to the direction you are looking in. It's not uncommon to find that PSU's develop this behavior as they age. I had an RM750X that did exactly the same thing.
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