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iCue and Aura Crate/Armour/Sync (iCue Not Taking Over)


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So i use iCue to control my RGBs. In my system i currently have 6 Deepcool RGB fans, a DEEPCOOL Gammaxx L240 V2 aio and 2 12v Led Strips inside my pc, when i start my PC aura crate/armour/sync take over my iCue Lighing set up, i have SDK Enabled but everytime i start my pc i have to load up iCue uncheck and recheck Enable SDK for my Icue to take over, i have not even loaded up the aura crate/armour/sync software so i dont know why it keeps taking over everytime i boot my pc, is there any way to stop this and make iCue automatically take over without manually having to load iCue and unchecking and rechecking Enable SDK everytime i boot my pc :!:
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