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Stuck Red LED On H150i Pro XT


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Hello to all,


I'm using H150i RGB Pro XT for almost 5 months. I have problem on main part for stuck red led. I tried disconnecting usb part checked hardware lighting etc. I am able to set white with 5-5-5 values. It works quite well. I am able to set static blue with 90. It has some red but very low. If I set visor or that kind of effect then it goes black and shows red ofcourse. What might be wrong and what kind of thing I can do.


I attached some photos.

White one is direct one led. First one on the right side. (Photo 16)

Green one is color wave set both colors to green. (Photo 17)

Blue one is full blue (255) ( (Photo 20)

Full white is static white with 5-5-5 (Photo 14)






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