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HX 1200 on off on off on .... before starting


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Very dear team,


I have a problem with my PC and it is unfortunately not clear whether this could possibly be due to the Power Supply, so I ask for feedback from you whether you are familiar with such behavior.


First my configuration:


MSI Z490 MAG Tomahawk


Corsair 1200HX PSU

G.Skilll 3200 16 gb Ram

Win 10 / 64 bit

2x M2 1 TB SSD Crucial and 1x SSD 1TB Crucial BX

Case Bequiet 801


Here is my description of the problem:


New are: CPU / MB housing and power supply unit


BIOS: was updated and reset to default, the only settings here are LP 1 + LP2 to 180W + XMP profile. XMP on or OFF doesnt change anything


Error description: If I leave the PC off for a longer period (overnight - power supply unit but still under power) then the PC switches on first, then off, then on again and then boots up normally. Sometimes it tries to start 3times.


I don't see a BIOS reset message, but I only really know this behavior when the BIOS is reset.


Does the Power Supply when switched off ( but still plugged in and getting current ) totally cut off the power to the mainboard ?


Did u ever see such a behavior with a PSU ? I also saw that there is a program with the 1200HX for replacement cause of defects or faulty PSU ?


I also tried different motherboards MSI / ASUS / GIGABYTE the problem didnt change.


I have the Problem since the PSU came back from RMA.


The LOT Number is:2036715 so if im right i got one of the "faulty" PSUs ? I also dont see any POST Screen.



Thank you for your quick help



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