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H115i Elite Capellix & 680x Case (will it fit?)

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I am buying an AIO tomorrow for my new build and am considering the Corsair H115i Elite Capellix. I am using a Corsair 680x case and have replaced the stock 120mm fan in the rear of the case with a LL140 fan.


My question is will the 115i be able to fit in the 680x without any issue as the space at the top of the case is limited. I believe the 115i radiator is 322mm in length and the thickness is close to 60mm once the fans are installed. This means the 280mm radiator is a tight fit in the 680x and I'm worried the larger rear fan may actually prevent the 115i from fitting.


Does anyone have this set up currently and can confirm that everything fits or shall I downgrade to the H100i which I don't particularly want to do?

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It arrived and fitted a couple of days ago. This combo does have one minor issue though. If you fit to the top of the case you are best to only use 2 screws in the centre of the radiator.


The H115i pipes sit very close to the front fans and if you use 4 centre screws the mounting bracket on the 680x case isn't long enough to allow you to slide the radiator to the left away from the fans. Removing one set of screws solves this issue.


The radiator still sits firmly in the top of the case with just 6 screws rather than 8.


Hope this helps anyone in the future hoping to use this Case / AIO combo

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basically you have to install the radiator as far back as it goes. So that hides two screws in the middle. But that's not an issue. it would work fine with just 4 screws.

I did exactly the same with a custom loop to clear the front LL fans, or else the pipes, or the tank touch the front fans.

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