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LS100 Not working internally

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Hi all,

I am trying to install 4x LS100 250mm stips internally within my case. I have yet to be able to get them to successfully light up.

I have them connected to my Commander Pro LED port, using the included RGB extension cable, and the rest of the strips daisy-chained.


What I have tried so far:


1. A 2nd RGB extension cable (in case the first one was faulty)

2. Plugging the strips into a port on my Node Pro (which is known to be working as I have my fan's RGB Hub connected to this port.

3. Setting the strips up as External RGB Strips and RGB LEDs.

4. Trying different combinations of the amount of strips I have ie. 1-6 250mm strips etc.

5. Connecting just one strip to see if it works for one (and trying each of the strips to see if one is faulty)


At this point I am out of ideas and ready to just return them and buy from another brand.


Any further suggestions would be appreciated!

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I could only get 3 corsair rgb strips (not LS100) working on one Node Pro channel. I had to plug the last one into the Commander Pro LED port. I have 2 Commander Pros. My node pro is plugged into #1 Comm Pro and the last RGB strip is plugged into #2 Comm Pro.


one of the strips came bent too long so the clear material broke.

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