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Icue not saving last rgb profile used


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I dont know with which update this began with but for past couple of months ive had the issue of Icue not running the last used lighting profiles on startup. Which for me means i have to go in and manually select the lighting profile that i want which is also associated with set fan speeds.


Could anyone recommend a version to downgrade to?


im running windows 10

whats connected are the following

K70 MK2 Keyboard, Fw v 3.24

M65 Mouse Fw v 3.37

mm800 pad Fw v 1.02.50

Commander pro Fw v 0.9.212

lighting node pro Fw v 0.10.4

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Unless it is set as the top profile in the list it will not be the default profile when you restart your computer and will not be the effect that starts. You will need to have your preferred profile at the top of the profile list by dragging it to the top, or you will need to manually change to the profile you wish to have when you start iCUE.
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