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ST100 Lighting Does Not Match Setting in iCUE


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I have a K70 RGB, ST100 and a Virtuoso RGB headset. All of these are being controlled through iCUE.


I am also using Wallpaper Engine and allowing it to control my device lighting using the iCUE SDK. This has worked great for the most part but I have not been able to figure out how to get my ST100 to function properly out of all of the devices. I can see in iCUE that the profile set by WPE is applied on all of my devices including the ST100. Its a very noticeable purple/blue gradient color.


My Virtuoso and my K70 both display the proper color gradient, however both the base and logo of my ST100 refuse to change to this color physically, even though iCUE shows the proper setting. The ST100 instead shows a static light green color on both. I am not sure why this is because when iCUE is turned off all of my devices including the ST100 default to the rainbow spiral effect. So it doesn't seem to be getting the right setting sent to it from iCUE although iCUE thinks that it is.


Is there any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi buddy.


is this only in WallPaper Engine?, all is normal when WallPaper Engine isnt running?..


i also use WallPaper Engine (sometimes) and at times and in some profiles.. bugs there are.


i tend not to use WPE daily these days as its a resource hog depending on how complex the wallpapers are. spread that across multiple monitors and suddenly its more than i am willing to give up lol.

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