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Is it possible to program the lighting effect of Virtuoso to reflect battery level?

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Hello forum,


New user here. Just got my first wireless Virtuoso RGB.


I did a brief search on google and on this forum and didn't find any similar posts (sorry in advance if i just suck at searching)


I am a very functional user and have not much use for lightning. I know i can turn it off. But I thought it'd be a great idea to reflect battery level that via lighting so i don't have to charge it compulsively or be obsessed with the battery level task bar icon.


If it is already possible, could anyone please let me know how?


If there isn't a way to do so right now, is there a way to make such suggestion to the company/dev's? (Is the feedback thread suitable for this?)

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Hi theatog,


Welcome to our forums! At the moment, the VIRTUOSO RGB does not have a lighting effect which adjusts to current battery percentage/life. This is definitely the right place for such feedback and I will take note of this - thank you. Feel free to shoot us any other questions/feedback!

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