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Corsair H150i started leaking


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After 2 weeks of install, the pump module started to leak from the side screw. Did anyone ever experience this? Luckily the leak was small, and there was a small puddle of fluid sitting on top of RTX3090 and luckily it wasn't damaged. Needless to say, the PC has been turned off ever since.


Anyone experienced this? This to me looks like a manufacturing flaw. Surprising considering this was bought from Corsair's own website.


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No need to worry too much :)

People having leaks come to the forum.. but the 99.999% that have no issues don't.

It's extremely rare.


But with any watercooling it's always a good thing to watch for leaks the first days, after manipulating, installing... the first thermal cycles when gaming etc..


Usually problems manifest themselves very early on or never.

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